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Community association residents deserve more, so we’re empowering their managers.

MyResidentCenter is a portal that empowers residents with online services that connect their community and management firm, allowing for centralized document access, project management and collaboration. More than just a website for a property or community - we provide results-driven technology that focuses on redefining resident happiness, enhancing fairness, and much more.

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  • Effortlessly share community documents, vendor compliance, bids and contract info.
  • Easily customize and manage multiple community website(s) - without writing code.
  • Automatically integrates with to manage your websites, projects,vendors and compliance all in one place, all for FREE.

Welcome Home!

MyResidentCenter combines with MyVendorCenter to offer a premium solution to some of the property management industry’s most persistent issues related to customer support, efficiencies, and transparency. Too often there is an unnecessary disconnect between residents and their management team that can prohibit a positive working relationship. Residents or Board Members feel they’re not getting the services they’re paying for, while Managers feel they aren’t appreciated.

Correcting this is easy! Proper implementation of MyResidentCenter results in less work for the management team, happier residents, improved property maintenance, and a decrease in liability.

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Free Websites?! Why?

Because MyResidentCenter leverages the resources of MyVendorCenter, we are able to offer premium community websites at no cost. We also consider that while these are free, they may require someone like a property manager to learn the features and maintain the website – something they should justifiably charge for. Considering this, MyResidentCenter strives to be the most affordable website solution for communities nationwide.

Board Member? Become Part of the Solution.

Finally, a management system that boards can participate in. In addition to providing complimentary community websites, MyResidentCenter pulls real-time data from a managed property in MyVendorCenter. This means that documents, bids, contracts, warranty info and vendor information are only a few clicks away. Stop guessing about how your community is functioning and start viewing it in real-time. Even communicate with your manager and comment on projects-all in one place, all on the record.

Not to mention, it’s all in the cloud. This provides a safeguard against other board members, residents, or even managers who may accidentally mishandle important records. This means no more digging up old emails or transitioning an unreasonable amount of data to future board members.

Without Transparency, resident trust is lost.
Our websites build better client relationships.
Inform residents easily & increase customer satisfaction.

Helping You Meet Legal Requirements, Such As...

  • Competitive bidding requirements, i.e. Florida Law re: Community Association bids
  • Florida Condo Association website requirements
  • Nevada’s Common Interest Communities (CIC) re: sealed bidding & minimum proposals

Program Benefits

  • Less time spent on communications
  • Community document storage
  • Save money on record requests
  • Reduce liability (insurance claims, lawsuits)
  • Improved vendor services
  • Meet state legal requirements

Some Registered Firms Include

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